What’s Catching You Fish?

Lol I just cranked out a dozen and it took 48 minutes so not quite five minutes each. I probably could pump em out a bit faster but Im worn out as hell and not moving too quickly

If that takes 5 minutes to tie, my suggestion would be to use both hands...and a vise :D

Seriously though - that pattern is very reminiscent of a flash fly, and the old red Karluk flash fly (not the new one with the collar) was basically flash over red wire.

Coho crusher, fo' sho'.


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Been out of town the last couple of weekends so got out for the first time in a few weeks. It was not lights out but a beautiful morning and 4 fish total landed including one of my best SRC if the year on a chum fry pattern I tied up Friday....



Another shot - same fish.



Another fly that produced...

The shrimp pattern I posted in the Whats In Your Vise thread last night did well today, but the flash fly reigned supreme yet again

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I’m not surprised in the least, for all we do to make realistic or cool looking flies for all species it never seems to fail that a simple wad of flash just flat out gets it done! Hats off to Larry Dahlberg for inventing flashabou. What a legend.


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Lol I just cranked out a dozen and it took 48 minutes so not quite five minutes each. I probably could pump em out a bit faster but Im worn out as hell and not moving too quickly
Thanks for sharing. Going to copy that pattern & downsize for Stillwater trout. Then try it on flowing water. Try it in June for summer runs.


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This stupid pattern has been producing huge the last few days.

I had a guy out on Thursday who moved out here from Montana. We had a fine morning and caught plenty of fish and then things slowed. He dug into his box and pulled something very similar to this out and tied it on. I was playfully giving him crap for such a silly pattern. He said they fish it in Montana with great success. Well he started getting absolutely lit up by both cutthroat and coho. I was racking my brain trying to figure out why it was working so well when little else was getting much attention. Luckily a cutthroat puked up a 2" anchovie in the net, and suddenly it became clear.

I came home and tied up a bunch and it has been absolutely crushing since. Yesterday and today we had to fish deep with type 7 lines to get the fish to commit. In the bright sun the fish were following but not committing so we dredged deep and started doing very well. It's such a dumb little pattern, but I'm other the dumb factor and am fishing the hell out of it right now. The cone gives it a nice jigging action and it sparkles and pulsates nicely. The fish definitely approve, and I'm not gonna argue.

It's about a five minute tie.... Something red for the body, I'm using red holographic flashabou covered in thin UV resin for durability. A few strands of holographic silver flashabou top and bottom, then a decent amount of plain silver flashabou top and bottom. Finished off with some white dubbing. I've been using white ET Glow Dub from Fly Tyers Dungeon, but anything would work. It's about as simple as they come, but I can't possibly describe how well this thing has been producing. Easily 80% of our fish these last few days have come from this silly thing. The guy who originally tied it on says he thinks it has a name back in Montana... But we dubbed it the Silver Surfer that day :)

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According to my wife, to whom I just showed this, if you use red tubing you could save yourself a step and skip the UV resin.

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