What’s Catching You Fish?

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Just marabou wrapped on a "Trout Magnet" jighead hook - usually used for spin fishing with a plastic grub type body. They're crummy hooks, but that head darts around interestingly on retrieve.
I bet it sinks like the dickens too. What’s it weigh?


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I could probably just fish these all year and do just fine. This winter, they've been putting plenty of fish in the net...considering eggs are on their menu for most of the year, if you're really all about "matching the hatch", you'd be crazy not to have them in your box.








This is also evidence that every trout basically looks the same....
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It's all good.
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I bet it sinks like the dickens too. What’s it weigh?
I think they're 1/64 oz. They kind of spiral dive on the fall. Like a shad dart, but with a little more room on the shank to tie. As I said, though, poor quality hooks.


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Tying fancy stuff all winter, and the only thing they'd eat today were the plain black one-marabou-feather + flash mini leeches
View attachment 272836
View attachment 272837 pic down in net is a little deceiving - this guy was easily half again as big as the one in hand - too fat to pick up!
View attachment 272838

I need one of those fly boxes with a mirror so I can check how many dried up boogers are hanging out of nose before I scare folks off I might chat up on the beach after a cold day of fishing. ;)

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