What’s Catching You Fish?


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Ya my buddy who initially showed me this fly had it tied with tubing. I've been using flashabou simply because I didnt have any tubing
It’s all mysterious and arcane witchcraft, if you ask me. I have to follow the exact instructions I’m given without deviation or the fly won’t turn out mediocre.


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I posted this fly in the what’s in your vice thread last night. Headed out for a short outing this morning to test it out. Tried a beach I hit when I first started fishing the salt and had little luck. Have not fished it for 3 years. Oops, my bad! It’s close to me too. Anyway, 3 high quality SRC and Lost another in 1 1/2 hours of fishing.


Made a rookie mistake and forgot my net - boo! Because of that, only took pics of one of the fish. I normally only take pics of quality SRC (unless I catch something on a new fly I want to post on this thread). All three landed were worthy today. Here is the first of the day with fly in mouth.


Another shot, same fish...


Beautiful morning!



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Here’s another pattern that’s a keeper!


Landed one of my best SRC ever this morning on it. This picture does not do it justice! Been finding quite a few nice SRC this spring.


Look when wet...


I’m doing my best to keep this thread alive @Irafly! There have to be some other folks out there testing out new creations. Let’s see’m folks!

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