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Living at the place of many waters
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I've found going to these jig hooks I loose a lot less flies, both to bushes or the bottom. I keep fishing them, but gonna need to be cut down and retied soon, or maybe rehacked. Been having good luck with hare's ears, march browns, and partridge and orange. 20210618_082821.jpg
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Living at the place of many waters
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Got a late start and it was getting warm so I headed someplace cool
The cream nymph I run for the critter inside wasn't working, probably not many in the drift today, so I went back to the march brown.
20210618_104630 (2).jpg
Just 2 flies fished however I could manage today, but they both worked.
20210618_120215 (2).jpg


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Variation of McTage's "foam" trouser worm ....... IMG_5534.jpg

copy - Copy.JPG

I'm going to tie up a few more of this pattern but I want to replace the bead chain eyes with lead eyes as this fly doesn't sink very fast (although the smallmouth ate the fly as it was sinking). My primary target was carp and I want the fly on the bottom.

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The black bugger did quite well for bass this morning. They love that good ole' wiggly marabou.

It's a really simple fly. Just a marabou tail with some UV crystal flash, some eyes, and some sparkly chenille. Got the pattern from my dad and it's killer.



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