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Sorry no pics of fish, but this guy fished deep worked amazingly well on Friday. I wasn’t looking for a lot of fish, just big fish! Biggest of the day was around 5lbs.


Didn't fish at all in 2018 and I kept hearing of some awesome fishin', especially in the Fall. So, I told myself that this year was not going to be a repeat. First time out yesterday, on my local favorite small blue line, netted [pun intended] me my personal best native cutthroat (on that stream) . This nice 17" specimen gave me quite a tussle, because I forgot my net, which usually means I get into a personal best on this stream. Cutthroat are few and far between up there and one this size is even rarer. The stream also supports large-ish native rainbow (personal best 18"), but the ODFW thinks this is a great place to catch and keep, all year with bait. It's sad really that they don't see this stream as a valuable fishery.

The fly...Spencer's Winer
Spencer's Winer.jpg

The fish...17" Native Cutthroat
Native Cutthroat_17 inch_personal best.jpg

Look closely at the fish pic and you'll see the fly and this in its mouth...4" fish
4 inch fish from the mouth of Native Cutthroat.jpg

A most excellent day...met a new (new to the river, but not new to the sport) fellow fly fisher and gave him some flies, showed him some spots and discussed the dynamics of the river, to speed up his learning curve.


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Caught this


Using this

Doesn’t look much like the fly; need to start tying them in brown (sorry for the blurry image but the bug wouldn’t sit still for a proper shot)

Skwalas were active and the fish responded on top for a while; bobber season is over and real fishing can commence :D

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