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Just back late last week from a family trip to NZ to visit with my son who has taken a 2yr job in Christchurch Of course being my first journey there I had to bring along a rod to test the waters....... I managed to sneak out for a few hrs here and there between chauffeuring the family around the Islands to the different roadside attractions available..... ie Hobbiton....etc Fishing was everything from really easy North Island lakes to extremely challenging South Island streams and rivers where it was all sight fishing and you might only see 1/2dozen fish a day to cast to...... here's a few pictures not great as they are all taken in water as I was by myself and it was summer so water temps were a concern in the back country as most fish had dropped back down to the bigger rivers which I did not fish as I was hoping to fish dries..... unfortunately while I did see and hear a lot of Cicadas around I did not see any on the water or for that matter very few bugs at all. All my fish on the streams were caught sight fishing with long leaders 15ft and no indicators as they were super spooky in the clear water. The best nymphs were dark tungsten beaded Pheasant tails and Hares Ears in size 14 to 18. I will definitely go back on a trip to fish only and spend most of my time on 4 to 5 day back country trips as I was just getting into the better unfished areas each day when I would have to turn around and walk out so I could meet up with the family as needed. Here's a few shots of the terrain and fish. No monsters fooled but I did see enough to make me want to go back on a fishing trip......



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I purchased a season as my opportunities were likely to be spread out over 5 weeks so it made the most sense plus I wanted to do it ahead of the trip so I would not being looking for a place to buy one. I went online and printed it off beforehand it was 169.00NZ which would be around 115.00US cheaper than a day skiing at Big Sky...... A thing to be concerned about is your boots and waders if you bring them as they are very picky about Bio-security at the airport..... as it was summer I opted to leave the waders at home as they were not needed and took a new pair of the Simms Intruder boots with me so no issues at the Airport as they were new and I will use them in the Bahamas later in April. Have fun if you decide to go..... might be worth hiring a guide if you are only fishing for a day as you might not need to bring the gear along.....

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Loved sight fishing out of taupo on the north island. A lot of very nice fish on nymphs under sheep wool indicator - what else would you use in NZ?
I guess when the Cicadas(see pics) get going it can be like our salmonfly/stonefly hatches and although I could see and hear them they never hit the water....too early maybe.....
Loved sight fishing out of taupo on the north island. A lot of very nice fish on nymphs under sheep wool indicator - what else would you use in NZ?
you can successfully fish NZ most of the time with a combination of hares ear, pheasant tails, and cased caddis for nymphs and parachute Adams, elk hair caddis, and PMX for dries. the fish aren't that picky about pattern, presentation is what matters IME.

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