WTB Inexpensive beginner switch rod 7 or 8 weight.

Mark Dankel

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Geez I wish you'd posted that a year ago while I still lived on the Oly Pen. I'd have given you a couple good ones for nada! when I was packing for the move. Don't know where you live, but I'd keep an eye on Craigs, too. In a couple of weekends I'm sure I could hunt up a fine rod for a bargain in somebody's garage or basement in Western WA. But somebody here will certainly chime in if you tell 'em what you want to spend. Good luck.
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Check eBay, or elsewhere, for the Aventik IM-12 11 1/2 foot, four piece, "7/8" (it's really an 8 weight) switch rod. Fast action, handsomely appointed, and with an extra tip. It casts a 560 grain Skagit head very well. And it costs around $130, perhaps less.

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