Anyone else here have aspirations of becoming a fly fishing model?


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I’ve notified the wildcat steelhead club of your aspirations. You should be contacted by someone representing the club shortly. Good luck.

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The only man who might have owned more hair product than Swimmy was Bowie. I.e. something to aspire to. Which then begs the question, if Swimmy were Bowie, which Bowie would Swimmy be and why:
A- Aladdin Sane Bowie
B- rebel rebel bowie
C 2000 Glastonbury Bowie
D Labyrinth bowie:
E- 1983 bowie
F- Diamond Dogs bowie
G- Germaine 1972 Bowie's in Space Bowie1549570124604.png


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Boot, speaking of hair product...ever try American Crew styling gel?

Alcohol free, low ph, and non flaking formula. It has become my go-to.


During my stint as an outdoor writer, all my frequent fishing buddies ended up as a "fish holding model" if they wanted to or not. Actually, my longest buddies were quite good and knew exactly what I wanted. We'd keep the fish in the water until I was set for the shot. We tried to get the shot with the fish just out of the water and for a time, they would look at the fish and then later, we went back to the hero shot with the guys looking at the camera instead of the fish. Timing was everything because we didn't want to cause native fish any undo stress. If we were steelhead or salmon fishing and planned to keep the hatchery fish we were allowed to keep, then we didn't care that much about handling.

I didn't know how good my three primary models were at showing fish (or casting for scenic shots and fighting fish for action shots) until I'd fish with someone who wasn't trained in the presentation techniques.

Normally, I was never a model for the articles. Even if I was the guy who caught a magazine quality fish I'd pass off my rod to one of the models and let them land it for the photo. I was best at taking the photo and they were best at modeling the fish.

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It is rare for fly fishers to be immortalized in statues, but maybe Swimmy could aspire to stardom by emulating this statue of Mel Krieger in the little fishing town of Junin de los Andes in Patagonian Argentina.
Good idea! Swimmy would make a fine fish . . .

This is what happened the last time I went out in public.
Or . . . was that " . . . the last time you went - out in public . . ."


I have an amazing collection of fishing shirts
Dang, suckegg is a natural.

One of the many things I need to do to get better is learn how to "make love to the camera." Watching Salmo last year was inspiring.


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