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I am seriously thinking about traveling to the Kamloops area for a little spring fishing in April and May. I will be hauling my house (24 foot travel trailer) to the area. I have discovered a few websites for some of the provincial parks and a few rv parks. I would appreciate any info regarding experiences with the parks and rv parks.

Apparently there are more places to fish than a person can cover in couple of months. I also have a Frontier 12 to assist me in fishing the lakes.

Thanks in advance.
You timing is right, lots of lakes to chose from. I’ve been to BC twice in four years and couldn’t fish it all in 100. It’s spectacular, but timing is everything.
For RV camping this is a good site to start with:
There are a lot of private campgrounds as well that range the gamut.
Elevation can be key, in May a lake at 3000’ can be on fire while at 4500’ it’s not turned over yet.
FlyBC.ca is a good forum to join and after searching, ask. Pretty friendly group if you are respectful, I got a lot of good advice there.
Consider a guide for a day. With the current exchange rate it’s reasonable and can cut the learning curve immensely. We fished Roche Lake with middling success for two days, marking fish but it was pretty slow. Third day with a guide he fished differently than how everyone else was and I had been and we caught nice fish under horrible conditions(pulling two 20# anchors). Best $350 spent.
April would be good for spring Steelhead on the Skeena system then drop down through the Caribou Lakes and/or Hwy 24 system to Kamloops area and south. So much is weather dependent; is BC getting the snowpack and temperatures the PNW is?

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