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I did a search for previous threads but didn't see what I was looking for. Was about to reorder a couple of spools of Rio fluorocarbon tippet material @ $15/30 yds. This just seemed ridiculously pricey, so I went to a non-fly fishing specialty tackle site and found well known brands selling fluoro gear line at the same price for 250 yds. Are these lines significantly different on a performance basis from fly fishing tippet material? I have been very happy with Rio fluoro, but I don't see paying a premium for something that is no different than a less expensive product. Thoughts?


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I'm about to find out. Just bought a Berkeley branded 4lb test. 100yds for $10. Same diameter as Rio 4x. We'll see..

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Airflo makes a decent fluorocarbon. I like it better than Rio. The tippet spools are around $17/50 meter (approx 54 yds) spool.

The G5 version appears to have only 30 yards for $15.
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I bought a 100 yd spool of 15 lb for just a bit north of $9.00 today.
I tried Berkeley Vanish one time. The only thing that vanished were the fish. After a few coho broke me off, it got round filed.

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ps i started with rio floro plus, then moved to trouthunter. they are still both great tippets and i would use the trouthunter over the seagur for stuff smaller then 4x and esp mono. i love the 4.5x trouthunter mono its a perfect 4wt cuttthroat tippet.


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Pline in 4,6, 8 spools are in the bag. Gotta replace the 6 this year and will look at the CFX, as Nick has mentioned this more than once. Transfer to smaller tipppet holder as needed. No issues so far. It is a bit more limp than the $15 spools, but still works well.