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That sounds like a no. I will though, curious about some of the different rules and how it will affect the game.
Gonna shed my online persona of joking about being football ignorant for this...

I've been so excited for this to start. And I was not let down one bit. It wasn't perfect, but it went off way, way better than a brand new league's first two games should have. These games saturday were both very entertaining. These players are obviously raw, talented and hungry. A very different vibe than big NFL players showing up to work for a big paycheck, and the talent level was a step up from college (minus the teams not being totally on the same page yet).

The pacing of the game was one of my favorite parts. Less commercials, quicker game clocks. Just all around a very very watchable product. I'm really hoping my team I chose before the season started, the Salt Lake Stallions, delivers this evening.
Its pretty good- but it highlights just how good NFL players are- especially the QB and OL positions.
those are the two main positions they're using this league to develop. these teams have also only been together less than a month. i think the offenses will come together as time goes on.


Geriatric Skagit Swinger
I watched a couple of drives and noticed the quicker clock and fewer commercials (no TV timeouts). The other thing that really stuck out to me was the rule that only allows five defenders to rush the passer. I'm pretty sure that this rule was designed for player safety but it seems to have a beneficial (to me) side affect, damn few holding calls! There is now a blocker for every rusher, every time, if not even outnumbering the rushers.

IMO holding calls are ruining the NFL and anyway to diminish the number, short of discarding the rule would be a bonus. I have never understood the need for O-line holding penalties. Why? Why is it a problem if they hold? Isn't their job to protect the passer? Pass rushers can windmill, swim move etc. through the line and the poor O-line can only keep their hands inside the shoulder pads.

Defensive backs and receiver holding should be eliminated also. If the receiver doesn't want to be held, get separation. How? Give them a running start at the line of scrimmage like in arena ball.
so far the Memphis/Birmingham game seems very different than last night's games. Production isn't as good.

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