NFR Need Help with Defective Classic Accessories Colorado XT Pontoon Stuck Valves


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Greetings, I just acquired an older model Colorado XT 9 ft. pontoon that has frozen valves. It has never been inflated and is one that was created for Trout Unlimited. Unfortunately they no longer make this model with these older (white plastic) valves so now require I purchase an entirely new bladder and shell for both sides. I am unable to open the valves and had to put some WD 40 on the spring portion just to get it to start turning. If anyone has one of these older models or better yet a valve wrench or a spare valve please let me know. Any help most appreciated! colorado xt valve.jpgAny help greatly appreciated!


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Can you describe what you mean by "stuck"? Is it that when you push in the center piece and twist to lock it open or closed, it won't turn? I'm assuming that you have used these valves before, and know that you need to push the center piece in first before trying to turn it. Others may have other trouble shooting ideas, but you may be able to take it into a rafting store and get a replacement valve.


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You might e-mail the photo to either NRS or Defender Marine and get help identifying who the manufacturer is.

But first I would try some penetrating oil down into where the actual valve seat is. After letting the oil do its work you could gently push on the valve seat with a flat head screw driver to see if it will un-stick.
The red arrows point to where the valve seat/seal is.
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Have you tried contacting Classic Accessories? I'm pretty sure that's their product. The company is in Kent and the one time I requested customer service they were extremely helpful. See my avatar.

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You should be able to inflate the bladder with the valve in the closed position, it's just a rubber flap that is inside the "valve" body. Like it was stated earlier you need to push down on the "button" before you give it a half turn open the valve and deflate the bladder. If your bladder is losing air make sure you have the cap twisted tight on top, that is the seal to keep the air in.



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Looks like a standard valve. I got replacement valves, wrenches, etc. direct from Outcast. They're also good to work with.

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