Who’s going out tomorrow?


Trout Thank Me
Yep. Day drinking! .... I wish we had a hot tub but instead we got blues on shuffle and the virtual HD 4K 10 hour crackling fireplace going on the Smart TV...( even though we have a real fireplace. I’m just too lazy to take the candles out of it to build a fire). And we’re going to make some lasagne and then play chicken foot dominoes for $2 a game.


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rarely fish or ski on weekends.......skied the last couple of days it was cold and the snow was creaky....still better than work......

Dustin Bise

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If it keeps snowing. I will more than likely be in the Puget Sound area repairing downed powerlines.

i dont get it.... it snows all the time and aside from a couple very rare ice storms, it never seems to break the trees here? does 2"inch of snow weight really bring em tumbling out west?

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