Who’s going out tomorrow?

23 degrees and snowing right now in Wenatchee.
It's going to be down to 3 or 4 degrees tonite and the long range forecast is saying below freezing for the rest of the month.
I say F--K that
The snow in western Washington is of the wet kind. Here in Butte we get the powder, a foot of the snow here will maybe weigh as much as an inch of Western Washington snow. I shoveled a path out to the n cars and mail box and I didn't even get tired doing it. Where as where you all live I would of been beat.

The trouble with powder, is that it don't pack worth a damn and it sucks trying to make snow balls to throw.
But boy its sure fun to ski blower snow vs wet cement


the sultan of swing
Be careful, Skip. I'm done after the almost 2 hour adventure this morning. My Son made me promise to quit - said he didn't want to have to look for me in a snow drift. He got my attention.
I rely on Global Warming to clear the walkway, Global Warming is good for something !

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
the sun came out...but it will be in the teens tonight...slogged out and cut a few budding daffodils to open in a vase...cuz tonight will surely do them in for this year. snow 2019 8.jpg