Patagonia foot tractor boots


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If you aren’t hiking far there really isn’t a better boot out there, especially for the clearance price. Those boots have saved me from a dunking more than once.

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Aluminum bar traction is what id consider required on the N Umpqua and parts of the Rogue. It is like wearing a snowboard boot, but if you can get used to hiking in waders another extra pound per boot isn’t gonna kill you, especially if they keep you stuck to the bottom like they’re supposed to

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I’ve had the first edition of these boots and they’ve worked really well, but are on the heavy side. They do grip the bottom though, and that’s what’s important.

I was just flipping through a catalog I got in the mail and about fell over when I saw the price of the current model.
Patagonia is an excellent company that will take care of you though, and they do a lot for the environment.

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I wear a size 13 hiking boot, and a size 13 foot tractor fit me in the fly shop with their loaner waders. When I got home and tried the size 13 with my Simms waders, which have a pretty thick neoprene foot, the size 13 foot tractors were too tight. I had to return them for size 14.

As others have said, they are a little heavier than some boots, but the traction both on the bank and in the river is terrific. One of my complaints with my old felt soles, was that in the river they were pretty good, but on a muddy bank to get out they were slippery as hell. These foot tractors just plain go anywhere.

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