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The weather is keeping me close this weekend so I'm doing some reading. Outdoor Life has put it's entire magazine archive on line in a program called cover to cover. It costs $8/month. For less than a netflix subscription I can read all the articles from the 70's which started me down the path fly fishing. I've found some real gems including this one from the November 1967 issues of Outdoor life.
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I used to read Outdoor Life in one of the UW libraries when I was researching papers. When things would get so bad I'd go brain dead I'd check out 30 years of Outdoor Life. Check out the June 1972 for an article on fishing the desert seep lakes. Fenton Roskelly had it in the western section.

Dave Westburg

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I remember that Harris Cattle ranch article well. I read the article as a junior in high school in 1972. Piled a couple sleeping bags in the car and headed over for the weekend. Lots of anglers visited for a year or two and then they forgot about it. Most of the time when we visit we are the only party. Have taken 11 trips back since 1972 and had some great fishing although there were lots of spiny rays and minnows in the lakes last spring and I suppose they'll be headed for rehab again soon. Here's a picture I took at the lakes last spring.
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