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Looking for a reel for a single hand 8 weight rod.200.00 budget.

Thanks in advance

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You looking for a real reel or a fake reel? :D

Listing a budget might help. Otherwise you will get responses for reels ranging from $50 to $500. Lots of choices and options.

Bob G

Right after I saw this WTB, I sent you a PM late this morning offering to sell you a CFO V, Hardy made in England, for $150 plus shipping. Then just 10 minutes ago I noted that someone else posted and immediately sold a CFO V Reel for $265.

Best, Bob


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Hey man. I have a hardy ultra lite 7000DD which would be superb for your 8 weight. Also willing to trade for other hardy C and P reels


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buy a Redington behemoth cheap and awesome...for two hundred can get a spare spool. Amazing drag have to rinse after salt water!

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