NFR Hypothermia - Check on elderly

Mark Yoshida

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Be careful and think twice before going out. Check on your elder family members. Just took my mom (93) into the ER Thursday and they say she is suffering from Hypothermia complications. She didn’t turn on her furnace before going to sleep (was having memory issues lately) and could not get out of bed as her body functions were shutting down. Her core body temp was down to 85, but they got her back to normal temp. She is currently not responding to us and they are determining her needs to either go to a skilled nursing facility if she recovers enough or to Hospice.
Big shoutout to the hospital nurses and doctors who are stuck at work taking care of the patients and unable to get home.
I hate the snow and road conditions as I can’t get to the hospital today, but I know she is being taken care of.


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Best Wishes to your Mom and your family, and thank you for getting the message out on watching out for each other
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Sincere best wishes to you and to your mother. I hope the weather moderates so you can see her.


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Mark, we haven't heard from you lately and sure hope your mom is doing better.

As one of those elderly that has no one to check on me I feel pretty vulnerable at times, especially now with too much snow to get my truck out of the yard down to the county road. Mercifully Stream and Old 406 Kid call me regularly but that is about all of the human contact I have and it is always great to hear from them. If you have elderly friends or relatives that are alone give them a call, they would like to hear from you. And I don't mean once every 3 months either.

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