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The scene in 'Deadpool' that takes place on Feminist's Day. If you've seen it, you'll know what I mean. One of the funniest scenes...ever.


"My father was a Presbyterian minister and a fly fisherman and though it was true that one day a week was given over holy to religion, even then we were told Christ’s disciples were fishermen. We were left to assume, as my brother Paul and I did that all first class fishermen along the Sea of Galilee were fly fishermen and John the favorite was a dry fly fisherman."

River Runs Through It

Norman McLane

David Loy

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Wahlberg in Four Brothers, to two cops investigating Mom’s murder: “ You guys couldn’t find tits in a strip club...”.


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One I've been thinking about for some time, the opening scene from the horror movie 'John dies at the end', one of the best ever but first some backstory.John and David are two slackers who meet a Jamaican dude at a party pushing a drug called 'soy sauce' that enhances your mental powers including the ability to see interdimensional creatures invading our world that use 'mind spiders' to take control of our bodies.They go on to create a business as supernatural pest controllers, ala 'Ghostbusters'. With me so far?
The movie opens with David chopping off the head of one of the possessed with a hatchet, breaking off the handle on the last stroke. Cut to the hardware store where he's buying a new handle while still holding the broken bloody one which he explains away as being red paint. The hatchet sits on a kitchen window sill until one day an alien slug shows up on his kitchen counter. While hacking it to bits, the head breaks, so it's back to the store for a new blade. One night there's a knock on the door and it swings open to reveal the original guy with his head sewn back on with lawn trimmer cord. Seeing David standing there, poised with the hatchet, it groans "That's the axe that slayed me", begging the existential question,

"Is it?"


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Saw this one watching 'Lucky',Harry Dean Stanton's last movie:

Doctor, played superbly by Ed Begley, jokingly gives Lucky a lollipop.

Lucky : What am I supposed to do with this, shove it up my ass?

Doctor : Why don't you just suck on it.

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