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At first, I was a fan of TMC hooks .... then their price went nutso. So I switched to Daiichi and those are even spendy these days. As a result, I found a brand of fly hook with the ring eye and shank slight bend that I prefer for all my flies. The name is Saber and they are less expensive than the popular brands. So I'll give them a try.

In additional to Daiichi, I was using a hook I bought from Spirit River called SpearIt and while they were less expensive than Daiichi, that's who was making them... or so I was told. Then Hareline bought out Spirit River and eventually dumped the SpearIt hooks. So I started looking for a new brand.

The barbs on the Saber hooks appears a tad larger than on the Daiichi but the wire seems heavier so that's a trade-off. I prefer heavier wire hooks as most of my flies are the subsurface variety. And crimping down the barb is no big deal.
As much as I like supporting my local shop, I sometimes buy hooks from Amazon. I just bought a 100 pack of salmon/steel hood hooks for less than eight bucks including the shipping. They were not covered by Prime. Last year when I went to Christmas Island, I bought hundred packs for bonefish flies. It beats paying high prices for 10 and 25 packs of the same hooks.
I just bought several hundred jig hooks this week from the Wholesale Fly Company at $7.00 per hundred, including shipping. I’ve also bought beads from them in the past, which look nice, and are competitively priced.

I had gotten a number of hook samples from them in the past which all looked okay, but I have yet to use any of their hooks to see how they do, but for the price I think they are worth trying.

Another thing is their service. I ordered my hooks early Sunday evening, and an hour or so later I got an email saying they were already packed and being shipped. I got the hooks in the mail yesterday afternoon. Can’t beat that for promptness!

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Interesting story about a guy who felt the same way and started a business to fix it.

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Based on Mikemac1's link, I went to the website


and bought a whole lotta' barbless dry fly hooks in six sizes. A lot of my waters (and my ethics) require barbless hooks but my local brick 'n mortar does not stock them so that made the internet fair play in this instance.


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I just ordered some hooks tonight, 24 hooks total, Partridge stuff, at a cost close to $40 bucks with shipping.( DAMN UPS) I quit drinking and playing with race cars years ago, so now spend rediculous amounts of money of fly tying shit rather than tires and race fuel. I also like to take my time and tie really nice stuff, so I like my time to be on a quality hook. Like everything it seems like, good hooks ain’t cheap an cheap hooks ain’t good. As far as my wife goes, she was seriously talking about me seeing a therapist, with her assumption of an apparent “obsession “ of time at the vise last weekend. I think its all the snow outside, cabin fever or something, I wasn’t paying much attention to her, so I understood her concern, so I don’t think a therapist would help

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I buy locally in a shop for feathers and hair because I want to make sure I get what I need. Hooks and beads via mail order is no problem but natural materials are too varied in quality for me to spend money on poor quality.
Squamishpoacher speaks big medicine. Several times over the years I’ve purchased materials via mail order to be disappointed. Marabou, bucktail, Elk or deer hair, saddles, necks, loose hackle, and more. Disappointed not just in naturals but even trying to save money with artificial materials that were supposed to mimic quality standards like Krystal Flash, Ultra Hair, et al, and the material is too stiff, the color is crummy, and many other reasons. Applying the old 80-20 rule, at least 80% of the time I’ve disappointed with the quality of no-name or knock-off artificial materials as well as the grading and quality the naturals.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that truly applies to selecting tying materials.
I try like hell to buy 100 packs or better as much as I can. I've also been experimenting with some inexpensive house brand hooks with good success.

I'm only buying saltwater hooks but I buy a lot.

Daiichi 2546 in size 2,4, and 6 are easily my most used, and I generally order them in 100 packs from J Stockard. They just wrapped up their annual hook sale so they were 15% off. That brought the 100 pack to about 21 bucks I believe so I stocked up.

J Stockard also sells a house brand hook that is a bit cheaper. They come in 50 packs and they are about 9 bucks for a pack in their saltwater hook that is basically the equivalent of the 2546. I've had great luck with these hooks so far. They have a whole lineup of freshwater hooks. I've never tried them but based on the saltwater hook I wouldn't be afraid of them

Wholesaleflycompany.com also sells a house brand hook that is even cheaper. I recently bought their salt hook to try out but haven't used them long enough to form any opinion. I buy all my beads and cones from them and saw they added hooks so I bought some to try.

I've become a big fan of Kona hooks lately and Caddis Fly Shop sells them in packs as large as 250. I think I paid about 80 bucks or so for 250 size 4 Universal Strong Streamer hooks not long ago. Not cheap but cheaper than the Ahrex hooks that they seem to be the equivalent of, and I think I prefer the Kona.

Bears Den Fly shop has Gamakatsu SC15 in 100 packs so I generally load up on those about twice a year.

I like to be on mailing lists so I can watch out for promos and sales. J Stockard just sent me a 10% off coupon I'll be using for my next order.

I haven't tried them but I noticed TheFlyshop.com has house hooks for super cheap. Like 2.50 for 100. No idea of the quality but might be worth checking out. From what I understand most of the fly tying hooks available are all made at the same few factories so there is a good chance these house brand hooks are not much different than the name brands and possibly pretty much exactly the same thing.

I like shopping local when I can but I tie a ton of flies and the cost of hooks can really add up. By searching around online, watching for sales, and buying bulk I can keep the prices down as best as possible.
Thanks for the tip. I just placed an order with wholesale...and saved a bundle.


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I’m pretty sure most of these new, smaller hook companies that are popping up are all using the same source for their hooks, Orientsun out of Korea. Not sure if you can buy direct from them or not.
Here you go my friend - these are case hardened barbless (in most cases) hooks and other fly fishing equipment. Besides, when you buy a machined reel or a pair of waders off this site you could be buying the exact same reel - cloth (different label of course) being sold by Bass Pro, Cabelas, or any of the other big box scab stores. I have placed one order on this site and while it is a Chinese entrepreneurial circus - everything is inexpensive - the hooks are fine and do not break. This is where the Americans who rip you off on Ebay go to stock up on their great free shipping deals. Please support local fly shops those guys have everything working against them - staying open that is, yet, if hook prices keep you from cathing fish...well then you need to be in the water.

My local fly shop has the fire hole hooks. They seem to be pretty good. I approve.

I dabbled in what I would consider cheaper hooks for trout nymph hooks. Then I went to Yellowstone last year and one day we fished the Henry’s fork.

I might be evil but I learned two things. One, their are a lot of big fish there. Two, my cheap nymph hooks bent too easily to see just how big some of those fish were.

Heavier wire solid hooks from now one

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