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The first step is to organize your own life in line with your values. If you are passionate about saving bugs your life must reflect that in your own actions before you can suggest that individuals need to change their behavior or before you reorganize society. If you aren't willing to do that what it says is that you really don't care about bugs so why should anyone listen to you?
Eh? sorry Rob . I'm slow can you put this in plainer talk. How can I sort my life to help bugs, change from being a Catholic to a Jainist to save the bugs?

Looking ahead, it's a communal thing, and I know this is something you are not at all keen on as I understand you are very libertarian, nothing to do with you, yet it is even if you don't care? Is this your point? Is it preordained to you so it's Meh?

Ultimately you have to live with us and we with you and we all need bugs, a lot of them tho' pestilence is pain and not my point; I'd hazard some bugs will do 'better' but these will be the ones that really mess us up, eg mosquito's in the southern states with some truly evil diseases; not honey bees.

I'd just like us to think about living together, as a collective of individuals if wished for. If we choose to do nothing as a either collective or as individuals, the end result is the same, pretty crap.

I'm just shaking the WFF cage, it stuns me that WFF folks get apoplectic re hot spotting, poor fishing handling, beads, dam removal, Fall decorating styles (OK maybe not:)), etc. and yet something as simple as the bugs could be a bit messed up (and so one could make a tenuous link to poorer fishing) is met with "MEH!" I jokingly questioned on the main forum, who's experiencing bigger better hatches? There may be some secret ones, but most folks typically whine about it not being like it was.

I don't have solutions but I'll note, again, I'm stunned the majority of WFF folks don't give a shit, it will be a big deal really fast. Maybe we could think collectively as the next pressure group. I 've raised the point a couple of times, you've gone Meh!! (I think) the rest well that's up to you who read it. When a hatch is now shite on your favourite spot, think about it.

I suppose at least my kids or others might get a job running streamers through the fields/orchards of the East side though I'm sure 'Deere or others will profit from technical 'fertilizers' as the need 'evolves'.

I'm not looking for an argument, I'm just stunned this doesn't disturb fishermen, its everything we all care about, less bugs = less fish = ultimately less of us, really our kids/grandkids/etc.

Am I missing something? Apologies to Rob and All for this rant, I'll stop.

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