WTB Vintage Martin, Cortland or Pflueger Reel

I'm looking for a vintage reel to use on a mid-70's Cortland FR-2000 8' 6/7 wt. fiberglass rod. Would consider any model sized to accommodate up to a DT7F line and some backing. It doesn't have to be in perfect condition but it does need to be in good working order. Please send me a PM with info, prices and photos.
Update...I have the Pflueger covered and have decided against the Cortlands...

After doing some more research and receiving a few offers via PM, I think that I've narrowed it down to a Martin 67SS, Martin 67SS-a, Martin MG-7SS, Martin MG-7SSa, Pflueger Medalist 1495, Pflueger Medalist 1495DA, Cortland Crown II, Cortland 444.

Once again, if anyone has something that they want to sell, please send me a PM.

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spfd jason

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I'm skiing for the weekend but pretty sure I've got at least one of the Martins your looking for. Will be home on Monday.


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I know I have several new spools for Crown II- NIB. Some used reels Crown and Pflu perhaps too. Will try to check and list tonight.
I'm sorry "chromedrifter" I thought that I had revised my post to state that I had found what I was looking for. I already found a Medalist to suite my needs. Man...those things are everywhere!
Did you decide to hold on to all of your Martins? A month or so ago you thought that you might have at least one of the models that I was looking into. If you do have something that you may want to let go of, please send me photos and/or prices.

Thank you.
"zen leecher aka bill w, post: 1475155, member: 9776"]how come you decided against the Cortlands? I prefer those over the Pfluegers.

I figured that they were too light to balance my 8-foot 6/7-wt. old glass rod...but what do I know. I'm just getting into this vintage tackle thing and it's a slippery slope...but it sure is fun!

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