Daphnia Attempt

We've all seen trout sipping daphnia, while not touching anything else in the flybox. I'd come to believe, because daphnia are so small, that daphnia flies were impossible to tie....until a friend showed me the "Daphnia Log" fly, from a site in the UK.
I decided to attempt my own version. On a visit to that other fly tying material store: "the Dollar Store", I discovered some nylon mesh bags, which are often used to contain various toys/materials, etc. ( I bought a foam sword to get my bag... which I'll wisely discard before my granddaughter has a chance to use it to beat the tar out of me. )
I cut the bag into single strand strips, with just enough tag on either side to reinforce each uv fly coating blob. on some, I used a sharpie to experiment with colors on the strands, before coating with the uv. On others, I applied and cured the blob, then added a dab of color before a thin 2nd coat of uv to seal it in. Since daphnia color often varies from lake to lake, I think it would be advisable to use a throat pump on a caught fish to steal its' lunch, to possibly determine what color to go with. I can see going full geek and tying up some with no color, then dabbing with an appropriate color sharpie, and sealing w/uv coating right on the boat. I tied some with black thread, and some with clear nylon thread (which I think I prefer).
I haven't had a chance to see what the fish think, although I think they look good (which isn't quite as important)....Anyway, time will tell.


I tied a Daphnia Pattern years ago for Cady, a sparse red hackle with red nail polish clomps all over it, looked pretty good, hung it under a indie a few times but never caught anything, gave up on it but was fun.
Maybe you'll have better luck then I did, always worth a try.
Daphnia update:
My buddy and I tried my daphnia fly this past week, however, the local trout don't seem to be as technologically advanced as we'd hoped (their loss), so we had to settle on Black Careys and leeches to bring them to the boat. I'm hoping to find some more open-minded trout when I visit some BC interior lakes this spring. Until then, the jury's still out.....

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