Bloody Mary recipe?

How do you like your bloody marys?

Well, you can answer that anyway you like, but what I really want to know is where can I find a picture of the infamous Bloody Mary fly used on the Yakima. I've heard of them, and even had someone explain how they are tied, but I'd really like to find a picture. I have searched high and low on the web, but to no avail. Does anyone have a picture they can either post or direct me too?

That is my fly that flytier directed you to. I know there are other patterns with the same name. I got this fly pattern from Carolyn Sells who ties on the WSU Anglers Art show on TV.
If you need more information or want a sample I will send you a couple in the mail. :thumb:
jesse clark
That't the one! After seeing the picture, I remember how it was described to me now. Funny thing is, I don't think the search engine for the gallery looks up the names of the picture because I went to the fly patterns gallery and did a search for Bloody Mary and nothing came up. Thanks for the help guys, I'll be hitting the Yak saturday!

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Is that "Smoot's Bloody Mary" tied by Darryl Smoot of Yakima? I think he may tie his a little different. For some reason it just doesn't look the same... hmmm...I'll see what I can find...

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
OK, it is pretty much the same. I found another picture of one on a british fly ordering site. I've done real well with them. In fact I may have to do a little tying this evening. I also tie them with a partride hackle instead of brown sometimes. :thumb: Plus, Darryl is a super nice guy!

Old Man

Just an Old Man
This is better late than never,but go to one of the sponsors,Hill Flies and go to nymphs and you will find the Bloody Mari Fliy there in all it's color. But as for instructions on how to tie it I don't know where they are. But a picture should be good enough.

You should also try tying an underbody of peacock like a prince and then palmer the red floss over that in non-overlapping wraps. The peacock that is exposed between the red wraps will be a more robust and secure ribbing than a strand of herl.

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