NFR This test alone shows how much we think apart from each other...

15 is the correct answer and when you all look closer, you'll understand why.
I threw this up on my social page and got grilled :) but I also had just come from the garage before I posted, so I had an excuse! Lol I for one moment thought that I had finally got my sister who is a brainiac...and she quickly got it too, so cheers to you both!


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I'm no math Wizard, but why is it

5 + (1x10) = 15

and not

(5+1) x 10 = 60
Please pick the roses, my dear aunt sally, we love the roses.

Order of algebraic operations:

Powers, parentheses, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, working left to right.


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Is that the math equivalent of "i before e except after c"? I was a Journalism major. : -)
The difference is that it is always the same in math. I only speak two languages: 'Murican and math. My math is actually getting rusty.

And I do preface that I don't speak English. I learned that living in England for six months.

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