Ever google "fly fishing decor?"


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Outside of my gear hanging in the garage, my house is surprisingly fly fishing decor free.

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Unless you count my fly tying area in my office - and the assortment of colorful feathers and flash I tend to randomly deposit around the house.

Also, in the winter, 1-2 rods take up semi-permanent residence in my guest bath shower. That’s where they get their de-salting rinse and then sit to dry when my outdoor faucets are covered for the season...
Looks like you could use another fly rod... ;)


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Sitting here on the couch as I read this thread I find myself looking around for fly fishing decor. To my right I see the rod case for my Hardy Zenith 8' 10" 7 wt leaned up in the corner near the front door, my light box for taking fly pics along with assorted camera gear, fly boxes, and various other odds and ends on the kitchen table, two fly boxes and a couple reel spools on the coffee tables lower shelf, 17 fly rods, some in tubes some not, leaned up in the corner next to the TV, my Patagonia boat bag on the floor in front of the TV, two larger Rubber Maid totes that hold reels and lines next to the tv opposite the pile of rods, another plastic tote full of hackles sitting on the floor near my tying desk which itself takes up about 1/3 of the living room, several smaller totes near my desk holding random tying materials, a peg board hung above one side of my L shaped desk holding most of my often used materials and dubbing brush fixins, a bunch of my favorite fish pics on the other wall above my desk, an end table near the couch holding various fly boxes, some lines, empty line spools, and various other FF gear, a large wooden sign that says" home is where you drop your anchor" on top of one of the cupboards in the kitchen... And I think that's about it for fly fishing decor at least what I can see from here.

Oh wait... I forgot the most beautiful fly fishing decor in the house. I've thoughtfully decorated the carpet in every room, along with the couch cushions and other random things with bits of flash, marabou, and my wife's favorite the occasional hook ;)
It’s the occasional hook that will get your attention

Skip Enge

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Berber carpet. it's a bitch to get hooks out of...and a more definitive observation... It's even more of a bitch to get hooks out of her feet after tying in the living room.

Skip Enge

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So if, Barbara has a barbed hook in her foot...
Is she considered a "double barb" ... for fly tying purposes??
I would think so but she would have twice the urge to release you.
sz 18 hooks don't hurt them as much buit you have to see them to do the mandatory extraction very very carefully...kind of a surgeon thing...scares me to think about it.

Kyle Smith

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When I was in junior high, my mom put trout trim wallpaper in my room. That was the coolest.

I am newly single! Currently my bedroom has my vise, my garbage can of fly rods, three pairs of waders hanging up, and a framed picture of Joan Wulff. I like it this way.

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