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Selling off two separate lots.

1) Starter set: Renzetti Apprentice vise w/ a couple bobbins, hair stacker, bodkin, hackle pliers, whip finish tool, dubbing twister, bobbin threader. All in great or better condition. $110 shipped in Conus.
2) materials lot: Maribou (black, olive), grizzly bugger hackle, pheasant tippets, 2 pkgs chenille, boot, para post, tan cdc, set of 12 superfine dubbing, pheasant tail, hun partridge feathers, Krystal flash, elk hair, peacock hero, ostrich hero, 2 pkgs beads,chinchilla and ginger hackle, various hooks: sz 6 streamer,- 3/0 Spey,- 1x nymph, -16,14,12 dry fly, and various thread: 8/0 uni, tinsel, wire, lead free wire. $65 shipped in Conus.

All payments via PayPal. $150 shipped if purchasing both lots.


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