Humpy-Salt Rod

I began getting the components together three weeks ago for this rod. It's a SAGE SLT 7 weight, two piece. I ordered the blank from They were selling it for almost $100 less than every place else. I drove down to Angler's Workshop in Woodland for the handle, reel seat, silver winding check, guides and the epoxy rod finish. The latter became a problem that I have never experienced before. I have built several rods before, with last years SAGE 9 weight 15 foot spey being one that I discussed on this site. Past years, I've always used FLEX Coat for the rod finish. However, this time I bought the two part GUDEBROD CRAP finish. I spent approximately 3 minutes mixing the first batch, and applied it to the top guides on the tip section. I put it on the rod turner and left it to turn for 3 hours. Well 12 hours later it was still tacky. In the past, (and something that you should remember) is when the first coat doesn't completly cure, you can recoat it with a proper mixture of epoxy. Ha, it never cured either! So, I made several different batches of the crap. It never completly cured. I should add that the way I get equal portions of the two part mixture is I COUNT DROP BY DROP.
So, I called Angler's Workshop and ordered the Flex Coat. Yep, I had to scrape the old stuff off, and clean it.
Clearly my advice is do not use Gudebrod rod finish.
Another great thing that I discovered is when I bought the handle and reel seat, I found out from John, as Angler's Workshop that they can inlet your cork handle to fit your reel seat there on the spot. It cost around $3.00! I suggested that they advertise this valuable service in the catalogs and on their web site.
Although I have a SAGE 9 weight RPLXI, I am amazed about how slender they are making their blanks.
I spent approximately $330.00 for this rod. Still have to spend another $40 for the sock and tube.
Even though there were problems with the finish, it is still fun to build a rod that look this cool! I'm heading down to Luhr Beach this afternoon for a test drive in the incoming tide


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