Columbia Basin Ice Report

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
WFF Supporter
I drove around with Liam today and it's not looking good. This is potholes: View attachment 193730 Frozen Solid. All the stillwater and lakes I laid eyes on were frozen solid. Zero open water. Worst it's not even thawing here. We are still building ice.
Thank you so much!

Aggggh... It snowed off and on all day today at my house! Somebeach some where....


~El Pescador
Well, I guess I'm fishing with Billy in a couple of weeks. My home base is Mattawa.
willing to travel to find open water....


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I had a friend in Whitefish who used to ice fish the lakes on the Blackfoot Res with flies. He would lie on the ice covering the hole in shallow water and dangle the fly in front off them watching them take it. It sounded like it was anything but boring...... Might be time to try it here. There are a couple of the potholes that would be clear enough.

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