Columbia Basin Ice Report

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
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Well a friend went and looked at Lenice for me and said don't waste time driving over until they get some warmer weather the lake is frozen.

These cameras from this morning (Sunday) say a lot.. uggggh IMG_20190224_073817.jpg IMG_20190224_073800.jpg IMG_20190224_073719.jpg IMG_20190224_073736.jpg


CCA, Hatchery Wild Coexist
Does anyone remember the last time almost all the lakes were frozen over on March 1st ?


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well, just plowed the driveway for the second time in as many days....still coming down. Nothing to do but keep on doing it, and tying skwala flies for the hatch that probably won't happen in March at this rate.


Soap Lake Posse
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Ira and I were the first boat on Quincy in 2016 due to ice and I believe it was about a week or two after the opener

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
morning report - yawn- still have ice. 6 tents on the lake yesterday. Most I've ever seen. Also people fishing further north than the bridge, close to 1/2 mile up. - yawn- expect ice to be here tomorrow also.

Keith Hixson

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Walla Walla is having the coldest February on record. Even in the most southern part of the state has frozen lakes. According to the Weather Service this Artic Low is going around another week. Having lived in Eastern Washington the last 23 years, I have never seen it this cold this time of the year. If you do go ice fishing, make sure you have thick enough ice. I have used San Juan worms for ice fishing. They worked great on the lakes around Spokane.

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