FS 8wt outfit (Loomis/Bauer)

I have a minty 8 wt outfit that is too much rod/reel for the kind of fishing that I do here in Colorado.

The rod is a custom (original) 9'6" Loomis IMX rod with an extendable (1"-> 4") fighting butt. The rod looks new, and has been fished no more than 5 times. It handles either an 8 wt or a 9 wt line with ease.

The reel is a Bauer MAC 4 that has also been fished only 3-4 times. The reel is in pristine condition, too. This reel weighs 6.2 oz and is rated for WF8 with 225 yd backing. The list price of this reel was $345 when it was discontinued in 2016. It has the current Bauer carbon-fiber drag system. and is structurally very similar to the CFX reel, but with less machining.

The rod/reel comes with a new Cabelas rod/reel case.

I'd like to get $400 for the whole outfit. I guess that I would be willing to sell individual items, although my preference would be to sell the whole outfit. Pics available if you will pm me your e-mail address.
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It doesn't appear that there is much interest in these items as a combination, although there is interest in the items separately. So, I am now willing to sell the rod (with rod/reel case) alone, as well as the reel alone.

The rod would be $200 and the reel would be $200, plus shipping and paypal fees, if any.
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Reel is sold...pending payment. EDIT: PAYMENT NOT RECEIVED, so reel is...once again...available.

Rod is still available.
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Last chance for this deal, as I will be listing it on eBay in a day or two. The original costs of the rod/reel/case was over $950, so the asking price of $400 is very reasonable, especially since the outfit is in like-new condition.

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