Smallmouth bass flies


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Bob, this probably doesn't help much but having caught smallmouth since back in the '50's one thing is obvious to me: If it looks like a crawdad they will probably eat it.
....^ What Ive says. I fish the Columbia and some its tributaries (manmade, the big one north of Sun Lakes). Smallies seem to eat pretty much the same thing that carp eat.
One of my go to carp/smallmouth flies. I either use ostrich herl (orange) for the body or dubbing, I fix swiss straw on one side (you can't see it in this picture) to simulate the mudbug's shell.

peacock breast woollyworm.JPG
Just a simple beadhead woollyworm that I added peacock breast as a tail. My largest smallmouth ever ate this - and it has proven itself on several outings. The grizzly hackle is really webby and soft.

Engee's Rock.JPG
This fly is tied with ostrich herl wound around the lead eyes, squirrel tail wound around the hook and as a tail with larvae lace legs. Ahrex NS172-2. I need to play with this hook and tie to try and get the hook point up (of course then the eyes foul on bottom structure).

Carp candy.JPG
Jon Luke carp candy variation.