FS Story of A Guy Who Sold a Broken Rod to a Kid

I’m nearly positive the actual Dr. out there and the “original” Mike Bartigm are one and the same. I got odd vibes from him early on before he was banned, and did a little online sleuthing. Just interesting if this new person is actually Mike trying to get back on using a different pseudonym.

Mike Bartigm. Mike Melfa. Wonder if it’s a Mike kinda thing?
FWIW, based on the info I was able to find, and I wasted way-to-much time searching, I'm 100% sure Bartigm & Melfa are two completely separate people.
I have bought multiple items off this board from multiple sellers and never have been disappointed. Other boards could take a lesson from the integrity and
honesty that the vast majority of the members of this forum exhibit when dealing with other WFF members. Scottybs is just one example of the WFF members that help make this site one of best in selling and buying the fly fishing equipment we seem to not be able to live without....

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