Commercial gill netting on the Columbia

Skip Enge

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....Should be a Federal Crime.
you have a board of reps appointed not elected...the peer review goes unseen, knowing little about essence a board of directors setting state and in this case localized regional laws. Just how is it a crime? I mean we have nothing to say about corporate boards of directors, like say elimination of challenged senior greeters at Walmart...or corporate interests... In essence this comes down to lawsuits as Cougar Zeek stated above...that is the way shit works today or doesn't...Pruning back on an already ill resource isn't going to provoke new growth to a dwindling one.

o mykiss

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McIsaac and Kehoe have ties to the commercial fishing industry so no surprise they voted in favor of this; they're perfectly willing to accelerate the functional extinction of these fish and screw over recreational anglers to give a handful of pissed off commercial anglers a few more years' work. Graybill is involved in the recreational fishing industry so no surprise he voted against it. Hopefully there are enough people with brains and ethics on the full Fish and Wildlife Commission to shoot this down when it's considered by the full commission. If the Commission supports this and their Oregon counterpart does too, I will gladly re-up my WFC membership that I let lapse a few years ago to help fund a lawsuit against these jackwads.
So now the WA Commission has back tracked on its earlier commitment to permnantly remove gillnets from the Columbia River. And they want to continue the Columbia River endorsement fee ($8.75) that was needed to provide sportfishing monitoring on CR tributaries like the Methow where we haven't had a season for several years - why do they sell CR endorsements in years when there is no sport season to monitor? And they are seeking an increase in fishing license fees while providing ever decreasing sport fishing opportunities - so we can even further subsidize commercial salmon fishing! This thing's nuts!
Seems to me if this passed a joint action lawsuit would be in order for everybody who bought one of the endorsements. Fraud!!!
There would be no better time than now for the flyfishing community to put a little energy into this battle.
Especially considering the reverence for Columbia Basin steelhead.
Folks on both sides of the Columbia need to hold their governors accountable for the deleterious actions of their DFW commissioners. Commissioners that each governor appointed.

Rob Allen

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Makes me think this crap won't end until the last salmon and steelhead are caught...this argument has been going on for 40-50 years...interesting it is decided by 4 peoples votes.

My Dad was a logger and helped his dad on his commercial gill net boat right at Cathlamet, WA...when i cam along Dad had a number of gill netting friends and from my point of view they were outlaws and pirates who constantly justified incidental catches...Few today make a living at it, nor have for a long time...Let's remember why the gill net fishery was shut down in the lower Columbia. How has it changed as a result? i don't see a fish numbers rebound in the upper Columbia tributaries. the places I fished have not been good for a decade...Trying to remember the last truly good coho numbers on the Kalama or the Washougal.
The Washougal coho were take around 1986 and planted in the Klickitat for the tribes to harvest and where they are now an invasive species


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Who's also waiting for the release of a study suggesting that the reason the CR returns have been so poor is because of the stopped commercial netting, and that the more we net, the higher the returns will be?


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Who's also waiting for the release of a study suggesting that the reason the CR returns have been so poor is because of the stopped commercial netting, and that the more we net, the higher the returns will be?
I believe the study will state there was a over harvest of sport caught fish, which has been the case since the commercial harvest has been reduced. The time has long since passed where all user groups need to see drastic season reductions