Henderson Bay/Purdy Help!! SRC's??

Well I have last minute invite to head off to my buddies cabin in Purdy on the water and I am thinking about bringing my rod to fish for some SRC's but I have never fished for SRC's in the salt before!! You can respond to me in email mikec@gofirstrate.com or PM if it is secret squirrel. I have an idea of what flies to bring but if anyone has any advice on this area for a beginner any help is much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance and I hope everyone has a happy and safe memorial day weekend! ptyd

Tight Lines,


I don't know the Purdy area but I can tell you if you find a shallow, rocky beach you should be in business. Other obvious spots to look for include creek mouths, oyster beds, etc. I would wade out to my knees cast back towards shore, parallel to shore, and away from shore. You don't need to get real deep to get cutts. Strip baitfish patterns (clousers, etc) shrimp patterns can also work, and sometimes dry patterns including stimulators, poppers, and royal coachman can produce. There's some good reading on fishing cutts on this site in the articles section I believe.

I've heard the Purdy area can be quite good... have fun and good luck! :beer1:


Park at the gas station at the bridge and fish the beach right behind it, under the bridge up and down both sides, there used to be a guy who yelled at you for fishing north of the bridge, but I think he's moved or changed his ways. If you have a boat you can launch just beyond (west) the spit on the left hand side. Fish a clear line with small clausers, I use 3x floro tippett, pink/chartreuse work pretty good for me.
Thanks for all the advice guys it is much appreciated. I might have some boat access if Ibn lets me borrow his whaler this weekend but if that is a no go I will be wading ;-).

I just bought that book written by Les Johnson (BTW Great book Les it is a wealth of information and hope to meet you some day) and I am excited to learn more about the fishery.

Once again Thanks to everyone and I hope you all have a great weekend!

I have found for that spot (Purdy) that the out going tide seems to be the best time to fish. Then I head over to Ollala for the incoming tide.

Mike McCluskey

Macker of the Clan Campbell
Dude, a good old NB boy has no need to fish that area....fishing in the salt, especially for SRC is really major fashion faux pas....don't do it....you will be disrespected in your hood....

I reluctantly will say that I have fished in that area, there are many many different beaches and inlets.....have fun, explore......
I hear ya Mike but for this trip I am going on a weekend with the lady and some friends and happy to be at a cabin on the beach so can't resist :). Also unfortunetly (sp) I don't live in North Bend anymore and have moved to desperate housewifeville up in Sammamish and can't tell you how I miss a good Gordy's breakfast in the morning or getting the boot from the Bar and Grill at night :).


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