March Salon: Bass, Pike, Carp, and Musky flies

Ian Horning

Powerbait Entomologist
I've seen a lot of really cool warmwater patterns on this site from guys that are pretty dialed in to these fisheries. In anticipation of warmer water that will hopefully start arriving at some point in the coming weeks, let's see what y'all will be throwing into the ditches, weedbeds, flats and docks!

I'll start with one of my recent ties, already in the 'what's in your vice' forum:



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The top left fly seems to work for smallmouth, carp and trout - at least I've caught all three the same morning fishing Banks Lake. I like the little hotspot behind the tungsten bead. The other two flies (bottom is a very poor tie by me of Jon Luke's carp candy - a KILLER carp fly) are go to carp flies and bass will eat 'em too.