March Salon: Bass, Pike, Carp, and Musky flies


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Really nice man. Most Muskie flies just look like trying to strap as much fishy material to a hook as possible. These look like you had a plan an executed to perfection.
Thanks. I did look at a lot of flies online, and tried to combine all the good features into a package I liked. These have amazing movement and are very light for the size. Here is the layout, I did spend some time planning it out , tail (c-pin), body (hook) , and head ( shank). D6E9B0A7-14FC-4AC3-B085-D23363850772.jpeg
And to be clear; a lot of my best steelhead flies are just some fishy stuff strapped to a hook. Didn’t mean anything negative towards the other flies. I’ve learned a lot about bulk vs cast ability from pike/musky flies.
I don't really have a ton to add that I haven't posted before....this is just one (as seen on the 'What's in your Vise" thread) of the color variations of a pattern I've been dialing in (including what I did for the swap....just in black) to where it has minimal material, has a little bit of bulk (or at least the appearance of bulk), and had the insane kick that I like in my flies....even with the slightest twitch, this thing will give whatever is chasing it a full side view.

This is something I've started incorporating into my steelhead flies with a ton of success...utilizing bucktail as a means to give it more appearance of a body. It's something that would also translate into the warmwater world of smaller flies as well. Doesn't look like much, but man oh man, when that thing is wet, it looks damn sexy (probably best to change up the colors if for bass, etc) actually swims better than any commercially available fly I've ever used, and I've used plenty.

Finally, I had originally tied this as a large steelhead fly (looks great in the water, casts like shit unless overheading it), but in retrospect, this makes a damn great bass fly.

Personally, I've always taken the approach of "how does it swim?" vs. "how does it look dry?"....I've done pretty well with that approach.
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