March Salon: Bass, Pike, Carp, and Musky flies


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Really nice man. Most Muskie flies just look like trying to strap as much fishy material to a hook as possible. These look like you had a plan an executed to perfection.
Thanks. I did look at a lot of flies online, and tried to combine all the good features into a package I liked. These have amazing movement and are very light for the size. Here is the layout, I did spend some time planning it out , tail (c-pin), body (hook) , and head ( shank). D6E9B0A7-14FC-4AC3-B085-D23363850772.jpeg
And to be clear; a lot of my best steelhead flies are just some fishy stuff strapped to a hook. Didn’t mean anything negative towards the other flies. I’ve learned a lot about bulk vs cast ability from pike/musky flies.

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