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*SALE PENDING* For Sale: Filson Skagit Jacket. New with Tags. Size - Small (runs oversize).

Waterproof and breathable jacket from one of the most venerable outdoor apparel companies. As per the company's reputation, the jacket's durability/longevity will be very difficult to rival. And unlike some of Filson's other jackets, the Skagit requires no waxing or other special care. Over the course of 20 years or so, I've worn some of the "brands", e.g., Patagonia SST, Simms G4, etc., and:

1) The Skagit is on par with the best with respect to serious fishing performance.
2) However, what also makes the Skagit great is that it truly works nicely as an everyday jacket vs. something that looks like...well... a fishing jacket...

The jacket has a roomy cut. I am 6' and about 175lbs., and I can fit a warm, thick, and fuzzy sweater underneath with room to spare. Since I really like the jacket, I purchased this one as a potential back up. But then I realized I probably won't need a duplicate, shy of a loss.

The lighting where I took the photos was not so good so I included the catalog photos as well.

Price: US $255+ Free Shipping in CONUS. Original Retail Price: $495.

Since I haven't posted here in some time, if anyone would rather call to ask questions, please send me a message and I'd be glad to forward my number.

Thank you very much.


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