Who wants to go fishing at Bennett Springs, Missouri on Opening Day?

Maramec Springs in Mo was a place my grandfather took me to as a youngster. Velveta cheese over a treble hook. Shoulder to shoulder waiting for the horn so we could all cast at once. One time I waded up to my neck (with no waders) to get my limit... proud grandad that day. My uncle, on the other hand, took me to Brush Creek... a life threatening attempt to catch Small Mouth Bass. Fun times


Indi "Ira" Jones
I love that at one point he told his watchers that it might look like a lot of people, but actually it was quite calm.

I actually kind of enjoyed the video. Something a bit different.


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Looks to me that its actually a wonderful social event held outdoors and on the water. Not my thing, but I respect the fact that it pulls everyone outside into a shared community all having fun together. certainly an opportunity for some top tier sh*t talking to your buddies and neighbors.

Brian Miller

Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout
It's not for me either but I'm not going to disparage them. I saw a lot of people outdoors, smiling, having fun, legally participating in a fishery they enjoy enough to brave icy roads long before sunup. Like the narrator said, it's a social event for anglers of all ages. I also imagine there was a community group sponsored pancake breakfast somewhere close by.