Belize 2019, Trip Report 1, "How About Dem Bones?"


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"According to Blake, his dad was working with a client down for a month of fishing for permit and could pick the days that had favorable weather. "

The guy that was fishing with Bruce, is an almost retired doctor, bought a house in Placencia and fishes about 120 days a year. Just permit.
That is the impression that I had too from Blake. A very focused individual.....

I enjoyed my day with Blake, great to see the world from someone else's perspective and we crossed paths a few time in Placencia.



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Just got back from Belize. Ive been there 7 or 8 times. Im a DIY fisher and have found that Glovers reef is about the best place in the Caribbean for bonefishing without a guide. I take a 6 and 8 wt rod but use mostly the 8 because of wind.


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