RIP Freddie

oh man, I'm sorry to hear this. That really other way around it. They have a way of digging their paws into your heart and not letting go.
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Sorry for your loss. I hope Freddie gets to meet Rogue, my black lab up in the big dog park in the sky.


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Sorry for your lost. We got our family first puppy last summer from our WWF member Gary...Golden Retriever. He has been a blast after month 5, first 5 were very trying. Turned out to be an awesome pup/dog at 11 months old now. My fear is the 10 years from now, i do not look forward to it.

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Damn if Freddie isn’t a twin to my 12 year old lab. After years of her always at my side I’m starting to limit her River time.

I’m totally freaked out knowing the day you just had is coming my way.

Deepest condolences.