RIP Freddie


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So sorry Lue sucks so bad every time, You gave him a good home and he had a long life for a lab. I'm sure you have great memories of Freddie labs are such a pleasure to share your life with.
Lost Rockstar a year ago, the one on the right in my avatar. Still have his sister Rose Petal for awhile longer. She goes everywhere with me since he passed. She will not leave my side, that used to be his job. She just took over the day he left. They are so much smarter and intuitive than people give them credit for.
I lost my sister in January and lost my chocolate lab, Molly, the very next day. I loved my sister but it was harder for me to lose Molly. I feel sad when anyone loses a beloved dog. You have my most sincere condolences.


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I too count myself among the many who have recently been there. Not much is more painful. They bring out the best in us just by being themselves.

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Everytime you think about him. He'll be there by your side. You won't be able to see him but he'll be there.

Sorry for you loss. As old as I am. I have gone through this many times. I don't even try to think How many dogs I have gone through. And I do think about them.