RIP Freddie

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So sorry to hear of your loss...I lost my Orion a few years ago... the vet said he had an enlarged heart and and his heart was playing Mingus...But he beat the odds and lasted another year...He was a black lab...Take care!


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Sorry for your loss Lue. It’s sad, when your “best friend” begins to age and become lethargic, and you know that one day he oe she may no longer be around. I feel your loss and have experienced it several times myself.
@Lue Taylor losing a friend and family member sucks. Sorry for your loss. The fact that you brought him in when he was unwanted makes it even more special. Hopefully his lifetime of memories and some pictures will be a comfort and help you remember the joy he brought your family.
The first Dog other than my own(Springer) I have heard called Freddy although we shortened it to Fred once the kids got older hes been gone to the Upper Trout waters for 10 years now...... Sorry for your loss its hard to lose a member of the family...... and for me my fishing pal


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Lue, sorry for your loss. It is incredibly hard to lose a pet, but you gave him a good home and he thanked you with unconditional love as all dogs do.


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Every day two mongrel dogs, who had been wild for years, came to my campsite.

I called one of them Dopey because of his his habit of chewing a plugged in electrical extension cord.
A local told me the dogs couldn't be trusted so I threw the hotdogs they were looking for far from my campsite.

One day, only one of the dogs showed up, blood pouring out of what remained of his left ear - his buddy, Dopey, sadly hadn't been so lucky with the bear.
I took the risk of putting him in the car to get him to the local vet. He constantly shook his head - blood flying over me and everywhere inside the soob.

Covered in blood, I told the vet the dog wasn't mine but I'd pay to have him fixed up.
The vet said he wouldn't stitch him up unless I came back to pick him up.
Reluctantly, I said, ok.

A few days later, I returned to get him. That night, he was still groggy in the corner of the tent when we went to sleep - both of us with one eye open.

For 10 more years, Sparky and I fished together just about every day of the season.
And as @Old Man said, Freddie is right there with you, Lue, every cast you make on the river and beach.
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My Lab of 14 plus years pass away today I got him when he was a year old somebody abandon him in Orting. You could tell by the way he walk was a very proud & smart dog he is going be miss very much. View attachment 195780
Hi Lue,

This really sucks and I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my first black lab Angus a few yrs back and man it still makes me very sad thinking about him. In a wee while, get another one. Lemmy, my new pup (see avatar) is a good bud.