RIP Freddie


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Man, I know what you are going through. Lost my Molly just under a year ago (Choc Lab). Replaced with two golden pups who are working their way into my heart. Sorry for your loss!


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I'm sorry Lou, I know it is a difficult time for you. "Don't cry because it's over , smile because it happened" I still tear up and smile at the same time thinking of my wonderful Lab companions.

Greg Price

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Hi Lue,

This clip cracked me up, I’m sure your lab had similar ‘hoovering’ prowess.


I have a 15 year old rescue lab doxin chow mix. This is her eating behavior exactly. Labs are serious about food, but when they grew up ferral , even more. Vid made me laugh
Sorry to hear the sad news. Dogs are such a gift. Unconditional love and devotion. Hope you find comfort in all the great memories you have of him. Hang in there.

Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
Very sorry to hear about Freddie. It is never easy to lose a “best friend”.
Thanks Scott & Terre for your donation to WSU Pet Memorial Fund for Freddie I appreciate it very much. I know there must be more words I should say at this time I am lost for the proper words once again thanks see you on the water.
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Scott Salzer

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You don’t need to say another thing, I did it because I consider you a good friend. I have no adequate words for the loss of a great companion.

I did it because of your loss and the hope that donations can help someone’s pet down the road.

Thanks for your kind words.

Scott and Terre