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Actually might have to bail on this... Too much family stuff going on and switching to a new job. So no fishing for me. :(


Should be OlympiaFarq now...
I'm still not getting alert emails for this...weird.

Anyways, sorry for the delayed updates. I think we have a good group here, so I'm going to lock it down. Here's the list:
  1. @SeattleFarq
  2. @Kfish
  3. @Philonius
  4. @jasmillo
  5. @MountainTrout
  6. @MileHighFlyGuy
  7. @john gates
  8. @SquatchinSince86
  9. @Irafly
@James St. Clair I've done swaps with you before and can say that your tying skills alone would qualify you for this, even if you didn't provide a single line of field testing feedback. If you'd like to join, let me know! @thatguyryry same goes for you!

9-10 is a good sized group. Let's set the requirement at a single prototype per participant, but if you'd like to send two each, please feel free. With beach fishing, we (should be) less likely to lose flies before getting a decent feel for how they work. Let's make the due date May 18th - that way I can hopefully get them back to you all in time for Memorial Day weekend.


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Agreed, that's a good swap number before it start to feel like work.
Not exactly easy wrapping 2 hackles around the tiny real estate of that EWG hook.

Sparse Grey Hackle

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Excellent idea! I have a fly to enter that I think perfectly embodies the Skunk Works theme. After a year of intensive testing my “Stealth Fly” has proven to be completely undetectable to fish. I’m including below a photo from the vise.

View attachment 196044

I like the way you wove the slinky fiber and the Mylar tinsel. The hook is all crazy looking though. Did you bend a bass hook to shape to make it do that?

- Sparse
Had a complete failure moment. I was at Pacific Fabrics a while ago and saw some Giant Chenille - it's massive - about as big around as your thumb. Thought it would be perfect for a giant polychaete worm fly. Tied one up as a proof of concept....turns out the chenille soaks up about 50x its weight in water hahaha. It would be like casting a hot dog. On to the next idea.....
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Gentlemen, there is no actual way under the sun that I’m going to have anything worthwhile ready by May 18th. I’ve got a new office to set up by June 1, and in the mean time am basically working two jobs with everything I need to do between now and then.
I could see this turning into an ongoing tying group bouncing out-there ideas off of each other, but for the interim, I’ve gotta bow out. Of course if Farq wants to send me any flys to test, I’ll make every effort to do some testing down the road. Have at it.


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Am I the only one with nothing yet? I haven't even busted out the vise in months. I hate to bail, but I rather bow out than gunk up the (skunk) works


Should be OlympiaFarq now...
Squatch - I've been slow to get working myself. I have a few ideas jangling around in my brain, but I haven't put thread to hook yet. I'm going to move the due date back to June 1st for my own reasons (see group message to be sent soon). If you need to withdraw, I won't hold it against you, but perhaps the extra time will change your mind?


Indi Ira
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First of 16 finished. I’m assuming it is 16, 2 flies for each participant not counting yourself. Well I’ll be doing two each anyway.

87F272DA-17AF-403C-B258-F2FAA508ECAC.jpeg 6FCBAD3A-7A8D-4EBB-BBB0-6DD1F0A99819.jpeg

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