FS Fly lines - S.A., Rio, Airflo. Single hand and spey, new and used

New or used, as specified. Used lines are on spools and in boxes, excellent shape.
Add $4.00 per line for shipping. Discounts on multiples, inquire. PayPal OK, or pickup in Gig Harbor.

New Airflo Ridge Supple Tactical WF3F lichen green $35

New S.A. Mastery Textured WF4F Nymph Indicator willow/orange $22 SOLD!

Used S.A. Mastery Wet Tip Clear WF4F/S green/clear $18 SOLD!

New Airflo Sixth Sense Lake Special WF5Int. Camo Clear $42 SOLD

New Rio In Touch Xtreme Indicator WF5F orange/moss/yellow $70 SOLD.

New Airflo Beach/Surf WF6F 250 grain sky blu/green $45 SOLD!

New S.A. Amplitude Anadro/Nymph WF6F moss/willow/optic green $75 SOLD!

New S.A. Amplitude Trout WF5F celestial blu/bamboo/blu her $75 SOLD!

New Airflo Presentation Taper River and Stream WF6F $47

Used S.A. Mastery GPX WF6F gray $18

New Airflo Beach/Surf WF7I 265 grain clear/green $45 SOLD

New S.A. Mastery Textured Titan Taper WF7F/I turtlegrass/pale geen $54

New S.S. Sonar Hover WF7 F/H optic green/pale green $57

Used S.A. Mastery Nymph WF7F willow $18

New S.A. Sonar Titan Hover/Sink 2/ Sink 4 WF-7-S surf/blu/charcoal $48

New Sonar Titan Hover/Sink 3/Sink 5 WF-8-S pale green/olive/charcoal $51 SOLD

New S.A. Mastery Textured Titan WF8F pale yellow/mist green $60 SOLD

Used S.A. Mastery Uniform Sink+ Type IV WF8S w/backing dark blue $20

New S.A. Sharkskin Steelhead Taper WF8F optic green $47 SOLD

New Airflo Cold Saltwater Striper/Albies Aggressive Taper 4 Season WF9 Int. $48 SOLD!

New S.A. TC Skagit Third Coast Intermediate Head 480grain heron blue $22

New Rio Skagit Flight HD 525 grain pale orange $24
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I mostly fish a real fast 8 and like to go about half a line heavy. Other guy hit the nail on the head w single hand Spey.

Thanks for the info OP.
I wonder what S.A. did with this 'Steelhead Taper' vis a vis grain. Maybe someone has some input for me to give New Member KJE?

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