Planning summer trip to Alaska via motorcycle - need help!


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pack a head net, tape and cotton gloves. the first time i flew into the bush i didn't have these necessities, learned an important lesson with that trip. so long as you keep your feet on the pegs, you can cover lots and lots of miles, don't let that intimidate you. did the iron butt 4 corners tour in 11 days so just keep on riding and you will fit it all in. new tires before you start, a plug kit, good idea to change out the cables and stretch them out before you start. don't forget to take lots of photos along the way and remember, wild life always has the right of way, no matter what.


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I would plan on a couple of days in Haines as it's a pretty cool little town. Bring waiters and fish the Chilkoot River for dime bright Salmon. There will only be a handful of people on the banks, and only a couple will be in the river. The ferry from Haines to Juneau is pretty cool and relaxing.


Wow, thanks everyone for your's all appreciated! My buddy and I are pretty seasoned travelers, and cover lots of miles without too much fuss. We're also young enough to be able to handle some long days in the saddle. I don't expect to get too much fishing in until we cross into Alaska on this round, so that's where I think we'll focus. Great thoughts so far!


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i also saw a spot on one the Seattle TV stations, something about the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system going bankrupt and about to stop servicing AK. so if you are planning to hop on that ferry, you might want to check further.


Yes, they are considering stopping service in Bellingham. We are scheduled from Haines to Prince Rupert, so hopefully all goes well. If the ferry stops, we will just continue to ride instead of rest on the ferry...


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Depending on your route to Banff there's the Elk , Crowsnest , Oldman , Livingston and the Bow which depending on run-off could all be fishable by July.... 5wt will be fine....
Some good fishing and lodging between Anchorage and Fairbanks, PM me if interested.
The boat tour of Kenai Fiords National Park out of Seward is excellent as is the Marine Science Center (?) there. Well worth a day for both. This is quick and cheap, you can see all the animals you didn’t see in the wild from an elevated walkway.
Bug dope by the case and bear spray, by the six pack.
A friend of mine drove his VW bug up the Al Can and told me some of the black bears were bigger than his Bug.
A cop in Kenai saw a big black in a swampy area just of the Spur Highway that connects Kenai and Soldotna, called in to get off work, drove home and got his truck and rifle, came back and shot it. 750 lbs.

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You got me thinking about flying to Ketchikan and renting a bicycle for the coho run. A little more minimalist than my typical trip.
2018 did the Dust to Dawson for Summer Solstice from Yakima. Liard was a really nice campground and the soak in the springs fantastic. Make sure to stop at the Double G Service cafe at Muncho Lake. The owner is Jack and the freshly baked bread and thick cut bacon was the best food on the trip, and the ambiance unmatched. Liard Provincial campground opens the gates at around 7am so no leaving early. There is a back road between Banff and Lake Louise that is great and runs beside the Bow. In late June the Bow looked outstanding. Pray for no rain on the Top of the World hiway.

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