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Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Well weird and weirder my partner in music crime had a little good news... He just got good airplay for a country song he wrote . and apparently met a very prominent producer...of rock royalty...who is interested in using Crane and my song for a new 10 part tv show as the intro...Holy Crapment...there will be royalties!

And then there’s the reviews….

No Man’s Land

nice rock! - Studio F.A.M.E.
rockin tune - CitizenHope
Great feel my song. - Adrian the Englishman
really nice! - POLSTEAM BELUGA
Good job!! - Negative Headphone
old feel - R.I.Q
like the vocal effect! - New Apostles
vocals are little iggy on this - Highfield
has a joy division vibe to it love it - issy
cool song - Blunder Puppy
I really love this entire tune! - WindSpiritWild
great - cara
Great track man, dig that driving bass! - Thomas Bråthen
Nice track! - Deep In Progress
awesome tune :))
- Achazia
Awesome track ^^ - Marco Oversteegen
making it happen! - November Love
Goooood! - Carmelo "Don"
Excellent! super voix! - Alice Ciacco
Like a wild ride! - MarkGTR
Wow, this is outlaw rock-exciting rock rhythm's! - Mark Badinson
Excellent Rock song, I like the style my friend. - P'pa Carpenter
Funny this post came up. I was just watching the Minutemen's set at the Stone in SF yesterday, and it features Crane pretty heavily. It's on youtube, such a good set! They were brilliant

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
crane is such a nice guy...and should you wish to stomach's a link listing to "Crane and Skip" . ...if you should so dare...ellen can't stand richard's I would love to work with Elvis Costello but Crane is a friend so WTF! ;) we have 20 or so songs recorded...i should say he I all i do is write...Ha!
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Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
This producer I won't mention by name here...don't want to jinx it . but he produced an lp of June Tabor last year...and I love love love her work...Hell, she is the reigning Queen of Folk at least on the other side of the big the east...

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
I believe this will be the next one we register...I dunno...I am sort of a passive participant once it is written and finalized ...he does his thing and we talk about instrumental additions or changes...etc etc...I am learning by doing seemingly very late in this interesting life of's kind of an old sea shanty...sort of gnarly...ha!


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Cool, Skip. This pretty much makes you my hero. I can play music quite well, but I can't write it to save my life. Nice addition to the list of art accomplishments!

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Once u get a roylty check then u gotta move e the the LA !!!!! They have gatherins down there for the BIG NAMES, Its who's who ONLY!!!
You know what this whole poetry thing was therapy for me...I got divorced and life changed 8 years i wrote some dark stuff...expressing myself in a way beyond visual...I had never considered any of the collaborations later with music in any way a source of income and still don' is just fun. That is all. Surprises occur. my partner in this is a composer , it is how he supports hisself...he used to do the LA sceane thing, Crane lives in Idaho. He knows the schtick and that i believe is why he lives in Idaho.


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Five chord blues, 1, 4 , 5 15 mics on the drums. I love this stuff. Don't let them come to at the last minute and try to pry 1/2 the publishing rights. Only the song WRITERS get royalties from ASCAP and BMI.

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