FS Powell LG 9 foot 6 inch. 7/8 weight


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Powell LG 9 foot 6 inch. 7/8 weight

Beautiful rich blue graphite.

I bought this as a new old stock rod. I fished it one long weekend for great lakes steelhead with a 7-weight line. Some soiling on the cork, which I'm sure will clean up it that bothers you.

Includes the rod, rod sock, and tube.

Super nice. Made in Chico, CA

Info here: http://www.classicpowellrod.com/Legacy_Series.html

I have no idea what this collectible rod is worth...
Prices include shipping, insurance and paypal fees.
$175 west of the Mississippi.
$165 east of the Mississippi.

Please take a look at all the high-resolution photos and ask any and all questions.

Thank you.


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I’m interested in the rod but I’m NorthWest of the Mississippi in British Columbia. Any thoughts on shipping up this way.?


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PM me your full address, and I'll try to figure out a shipping price.
thanks for your interest.


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I’ve purchased an Orvis rod and reel, and a couple rod cases from Kolledog in the past few months and have been very happy with these transactions.

Furthermore, I have one of these older Powell rods, a 9’ 7wt. I would describe this as a workhorse rod, well built, and one that you might expect to last a lifetime. A good value for the price, IMO.


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