FS Reels for sale

Megoff, model TR23, titanium reel for line size 2, 3 and 4. Made by Alex Kaplun. These reels are batch made 10 to a dozen at a time. Quite rare in the states, $655 plus $10 ship or best offer 8137F702-F06C-4A1C-956E-4CBA8F40D491.jpeg BF4AFAAC-10AB-4C4C-871E-69A5A8EF7496.jpeg 030789D9-9CAA-4EBA-AC1F-C42D73E6956C.jpeg

RB Meiser, model S2H10/12I believe it to be made by Vosler. Would be good for 10 to 12 weight single hand. Most Spey rods 8 weight plus. $310 plus $10 shipping.

5054B720-A954-4D04-BDD6-5328E882E950.jpeg 506F245B-DBBB-464E-920A-D7CE956273D1.jpeg

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